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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So much for blogging...

Well it looks like I just can't keep up a blog anymore! Too busy running errands, kids to school or volunteering at school, playgroup things, swapping babysitting or whatever it is in the current week! I do keep up my family blog, so if I know you, I will email you when I update that.

Farewell to the blogging world for now! Maybe when the long winter months set in, I will have more time....I really have a lot to say, just no time to blog it! I will try to visit my blogging buddies every once in awhile!

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Where have I gone?

I can't believe September is over!! I haven't blogged I think for a whole month. Actually I've been doing a lot of cleaning & household upkeep. I've learned its better to wake up with a clean kitchen, then a dirty one. So I'm trying to keep an empty sink, and picked up living room & playroom, making ALL the beds in the house, etc, etc.! My social life is booming with my playdates & MNO. I've taken a position on our moms board, as the membership chair. Then my inlaws were in town at the end of the month. This weekend we have TWO birthday parties, next weekend one, then Alex's birthday party. 4 birthdays in one month?! Can you believe that?

Nicholas is testing for his yellow belt this week...I'm worried, and don't even want to watch. I hope he proves me wrong! Swimming is going awesome, he can swim in the deep end now, and swam the length of the pool today!!! He has joined cub scouts, so we have two meetings a month and are now selling popcorn in this 90 degree weather!!!

Alex doesn't like anything. PERIOD. No swimming, no karate, no gym class, no baseball, no soccor. Nothing. Don't even try. The boy wants to pick on his brother for the rest of his life.

I have signed up for room mom for Alex's class, and reading mom for Nicholas' class twice a month. And both boys have their field trips this month. I don't think I can go with Alex's though.

Keeping up with all this stuff requires a lot of planning, and organizing. Oh and remember I do have a 16 month old to haul around to all these activities or I'm dropping of with a good mommy friend of mine.

I'm worn out just thinking about all the stuff I do. But you know it's nice to be busy, it's nice having a clean house, and it's nice to be a mom of a toddler & preschooler and feel like I finally know what I'm doing!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Future Mountain Climber?

Tyler has become a big climber. First it was the couch, which I was okay with, since he would fall on carpeting. And he has a few times and survived. He then moved on to the rocking chair, which he flipped backwards. Now it's the dining room chairs and a bench. What do you do with dining room chairs and a bench? I had to move the bench (which is an old pew from a church) downstairs to the playroom, and now all our chairs are propped up against the table. I can't wait for a normal house again....when you could leave a magazine or book on the table without fear a raging, teething toddler would come along and eat it. Or you could leave the bathroom door open without cute little Tyler carring around the plunger or toilet brush. EW!

Okay, I can wait, because he is really cute and funny. But it's just annoying!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

So sad...

How in the world does THIS HAPPEN? How could any mother forget her child in the backseat of her car, go to work and LEAVE the child in 100 degree heat???? I'm sure inside the car it was over 120 degrees. HOW? I can't even wrap my mind around it and my heart is so sad for this poor child who had to endure such a cruel death! I couldn't fall asleep last night thinking of this poor child :(

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's the first day of the rest of his life....

that Nicholas will spend going to school ALL day. He is no longer completely mine...he has become part of a community that I have no control over. For 8 hours a day I don't get to see my baby!!! I remember the first time I ever saw him, how little and alien-like he was. Now he is off to make his part in the world, to learn, to become somebody. I'm sad! I'll never have him in my house all the time anymore. It's almost like having a child part-time now.

So enough being sad...I will be happy he is starting his adventures in school. I'll be happy he is developing more friendships. I'll be happy he is learning new things!


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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer Miss List

Things I will miss:

  1. Sleeping in until whenever Tyler wakes up.
  2. Lazy, laidback mornings.
  3. Going to the local waterpark.
  4. Having a free schedule to do whatever we wish.
  5. Seeing Nicholas (well, give me a few weeks of all day school)
  6. Tyler at age one, walking, babbling, peekaboo, bringing me odd things, waving bye-bye with both hands, getting his shoes to go bye-bye etc, etc.

I am happy for summer to be over, but I will miss it! We had a good time, and it flew by! I really thought the kids would be driving me more crazy then they actually did. Having a pool helped, getting out for playdates daily and going to the waterpark kept us all pretty sane. And, surprisingly, Alex has gotten better over the summer. I think in the spring Alex went through the new baby adjustment and was just being a horror. He's not such an annoying child anymore. Although I wish he would quit picking on Nicholas so much, but I'm sure I'll be saying that for the next 30 years!

And things I'm totally looking forward to are:

  1. Dropping off Alex for his first day. That means I will only have Tyler.
  2. Halloween, Tyler's first :)
  3. Fall fun - raking leaves, watching Tyler explore them, the kids playing in the fall.
  4. Christmas fun - snow (if we're lucky), decorating, fires.
  5. Seeing Nicholas & Alex learn more things.
  6. Playgroups without the older kids to worry about.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer is ending :0)

I can't believe it's only a week before school starts! Nicholas has all his school supplies and his backpack ready. If only it would come sooner! I'm a little worried about how he will do ALL frustrated and tired he will become with more pressure on him. How much crying he will do. This year I need to be a little more on top of his IEP goals, and am thinking we already need to revise them for the school year. More work! Alex doesn't start school until September, so we have a few weeks before both are gone.

The last few weeks I have been trying to take advantage of the lazy summer days left. I've been addicted to Lifetime movies. I haven't watched one in years, and in the last 3 weeks I've watched more than 10 of them. Should I be admitting that? Don't get me wrong, I don't stay home all day watching them, just in the morning while I drink coffee & prepare breakfast or in the afternoons during naps. I will miss that part of school starting! I like having mornings where we aren't rushed to do anything!

Nicholas & Alex have been into the computer like a bad addiction! Playing Lego Racers sometimes 5 hours a day. Nicholas has mastered all the tracks & has opened all the levels because he's that good! The boy can stear with the arrow buttons on the keyboard! I tried it and could hardly get through half the track before quiting. I've been trying to keep the boys away from traditional electronic games for as long as I could. I've been aiming for the Leapster and the V-smile or preschool/kindergarten games for the computer. With Nicholas being 7 now, he just has little interest in those games anymore, so I gave in and let him have at it. So the kids took over the computer for the summer. When Nicholas first started playing the game it was all he could think & talk about. But now the newness has worn off and I can actually claim my computer back for parts of the day. LOL!

We have filled the summer of swimming, playdates, and more swimming! Tyler is starting to enjoy the water more. Speaking of, he slept in this morning and is finally waking. Pause...... Tyler is walking like a champ now. He is much happier when we go to the water parks & the park. No more hurt knees. He especially enjoys playing outside and taking walks down the street. He is still a picky eater

We lost two dwarf african water frogs in the past two weeks. I was a bad adoptive mom for them. We had them in a little plastic bowl, transfered them into a smal hexagon aquarium. Guess they found the dime sized feeding hole and jumped out!!! After the first one, I taped the hole shut, that didn't phase the second frog :( We do have a gold fish and a tetra about the same size as the frogs, so I doubt they got eaten. I am still very sad we don't have them anymore. They are in froggie heave and we will miss them. And YES I'm thinking of actually going out and buying more. This time I will have to keep them in seperate tanks & keep and secure lid on them.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the cool days of can't arrive any faster! But I think we have at least another month of this hot weather, so I will try to enjoy it as much as possible!

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Is drinking during the day allowed?

I'm becoming a wine drinker. Every week Friday hits and all I look forward to is having a glass of wine in the evening and sitting on the porch...or what I'm doing now, catching up on blogs. It makes motherhood melt away along with the anxiety my children make me feel all day long. They could be setting the house on fire, and as long as I've had one glass of wine, well I'm all good :)

It makes me KIND of miss my drug days. The carefree days of planning an evening of recreational drugs, underage drinking and being irresponsible. I do miss it! Would I trade my life now for it, no way in hell. But I look back and see life really was good then!

So I guess in a way, I'm taking up drinking to get away from life...if only for a few hours on Friday, I can feel good, carefree and irresponsible!


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